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Panen Bali Tirta Saniku

17 Nov 2017

This painting was created at an important period of Indonesian Art market, where the population started to appreciate art.  This is marked by the skyrocketing pricecs of Indonesian arts from 2004 - 2012.  

Almost all homes in Indonesia likes to display harvesting process imagery.  Harvesting images was painted since the beginning of Indonesian modern art from 18th century, by Raden Saleh.  This started the Mooie Indie period, where Indonesians learn from Europe how to paint fine art class paintings.

Today, harvesting process image still sends positive subliminal signal to most Indonesians, to being auspicious, optimistic and persistence.

In this art, Erica managed to paint a harvesting process in Bali symbolized by the Dragon Barong, Pura, tourists and the harvesting ladies accompanied by cats/ leopard resembling to a leopard character object often included as the centerpiece of the late Popo Iskandar.  Popo was already a highly established artist by then.  He was from Bandung, West Java. 

The Balinese believe that water is the source of life.  Therefore, planting paddy fields and harvesting ritual in Bali is part of their spiritual and worldly activity.